Living it

Life has been a raging bull in a china shop of late. First it started with me wanting to be crafty so i started to knit again which lead me to making my three kids scarves and starting on a blanket. Ok so that isn’t fast lane living but I knocked out those scarves as fast as any knitting granny. I have a addictive personality so once i start something i cant stop till im done or satisfied with my progress. So knitting is a weird form of relaxing and a mad dash to do it fast.

My youngest had epic gastric for three weeks. Yes three weeks, i even collected samples for the doctor as i was concerned. Literally after i got the last sample she was back to normal. Seriously, i could of cried as hello gastric poop at the best of times makes one want to swim in bleach and chlorine until you feel pure again.

Then my youngest,one day decided to jump off a high gutter whilst i was holding her hand, as she jumped/ fell i lent down to catch her and i hurt my lower back, so now anything below knee height is dead to me until husband comes home from work. I have to ask my five year old to help me put my knickers on hahahaha if you have a five year old, you know how they like to point out things and speak from the heart. Why is there hair there, is that a mole, your bum is big etc all the things that make you feel amazing.

I had a interview for a job, I had to travel two hours to the big smoke for it, that was a interesting experience  as I was at least ten years older than most there that day, I learnt that age is a good thing. Listening to the beautiful young perky ones go over their assesment/interview answers I felt I have finally become wise like gandalf or a street wise prostitute. Youth is beauty, age is knowing how to sell yourself because shit thats all i got left. Hahahaha.

We shall see if gandalf gets the job soon.

Although nothing crazy has happened life has kept me on my toes with mundane things. Is this what life is about going from one tiny moment to another, in my perky days i thought life would be, quick sand,vodka soaked kisses and fireworks.

I like the mundane life as it requires no pants and no bra most days hahahahahaha.

Peace out xxx20180617_081526.jpg

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