First things first, I am a power of thought type of person. I believe our thoughts create many aspects in our lives. I am sadly not articulate enough to express how powerful our thoughts are.

The way i see it, if we wore glasses and they are covered in muck, what we see through them will be perceived in a certain tone. It our glasses are fairly clear our view and perception would be greatly different to our mucky glasses. Well this also is true without thoughts and life.

I have struggled with depression here and there over my life, and when I am depressed any life event is soul sucking and horrible. Yet when I am not depressed and go through the same life event it is a lot more pleasant, yet sometimes soul sucking depending on the event hahahahaha. When I am depressed I am solely focused on poor me, how horrible I am and how I don’t deserve life for example. When I think like this I notice life throws situations at me to that make me feel this is true at times. As our thoughts create our personal energy or aura whatever. Like you know people who are negative make you feel a certain way and people who a positive will make you feel the complete opposite. So when we think a certain way, we then perceive ourselves or life a certain way, and then life throws us events to match our thoughts. Yet i have noticed in my depths of darkness, life throws me an event that shows me something positive, i wonder if this comes from the wee ball of hope/faith i carry inside of me. As that one good event helps me build some new thoughts and feelings that are not so dark.

WOOOAHH I have wondered off track, really wanted to discuss how, our thoughts create our lives and how we need to change them to match where we want to go in life if we seek change. I am at this stage now where, i realise my old habits and thoughts aren’t matching, to where i am now and where i want to go in the future. i have been reading a lot about self-hypnosis and power of thoughts today, and i have become really inspired to investigate deeper into the power of our thought, our conscious and subconscious mind. It seems to me we have barely touched the surface of our mind its capabilities.

So if you have any suggestions ie, books, websites, ted talks, speakers etc please email me at  also any experiences with changing your mindset, self hypnosis or even visualisation. I am a huge user of visualisation and manifestation.

I apologise for my poor writing! I AM EXCITED hahahah



  1. It was a good read! I also like to know our thoughts and mind. The best book I’ve ever written about our mind is, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. It will introduce you to almost everything you need to know about our mind. And another book that involves information about mind and belief is, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Our interests matches, we should connect. Nice article! Have a nice day!
    And yes, I have followed you and I’ll appreciate if you’ll give a read and a follow at my blog at-


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