Mind Matters

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Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

I was reading a small  text about how a Dr Seyle, suggesting the body responses to all different forms of stress, in the same way, ie the pituitary gland, sends chemical/hormonal messages to the body to start reacting so it can protect itself. Rising blood sugars and blood pressure all to help the body create energy, for fight or flight.

I started to ponder. This day and age you are hard pressed to know someone who isn’t stressed in some form, and also not tired.  Is there a connection? Also in the Seyles text it said that if we are under stress for a long period of time and we aren’t taking care of our body, our body will not be able to function properly.

So is the world constantly stressed and because we may also not be taking care of ourselves enough that we are all tired as our bodies are not able to maintain our modern living. Has our body not evolved fast enough, to keep out with our very instant life. Considering a mere thirty years ago, human life was a hell of a lot more simple, a little less rushed, without having the world at our finger tips at every moment of the day. Thirty years definitely isn’t enough time for  our species to evolve from slow to fast living. Let alone how our diets have changed over that time frame to.

So is it possible these things are connected or have I been watching too much SHERLOCK  and have begun to create interesting plot lines for fun.

Thinking Pondering Reading Learning, Soul&Tea xx

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