Mind sparks


black and white man young lonely
Photo by jim jackson on Pexels.com

I have totally fallen into a rabbit hole. My brain has ignited with curiosity and thirst for knowledge about my own mind and everyone else’s.

Dont get me wrong i am a fairly opened minded person, so there’s nothing new about me  falling into a hole (also in person i am clumsy too so real holes can be an issue) hahahaha.

I have always dived into new aged things and the magic of the universe. Yet i have never considered my own mind, except for positive thinking and creating/manifesting things into my life.

But i have never thought about how my mind works, how my subconscious may still hold onto experiences that can hold me back. Never did i think about how stress and how stressed i am over nothing a lot.

Tomorrow i am embarking on my rabbit hole mission, to find different articles, books and studies about our mind/thoughts/stress and links to illness. I know its nothing new. Yet the people i have seen  talking about it have really focused on stress impacting on lack of weight loss or gain. For an average run of the mill person, not connected to healthcare and the like, i do not see much writen about it.

If i were to ask my friends (who by the way are used to my curiosity) about stress/thoughts and how they perceive it to impact their lives, they would say they eat chocolate and cry. Would they consider stress etc  being a reason for illness or their permanent state of being tired no. They would say work , kids and low iron.( all my friends suffer very low iron as do i is this another stress thing gee tomorrow is going to be hetic)

I am interested to see what is connected to what and how we can find a solution. How do we create a life where modern life doesn’t cause stress or how to recognize and manage it. How can we optimize our thoughts and mindset in a era where we numb them

with our modern day perks.





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